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Our Beers
This seasons beer

Snetterton Scary Tree is available in draught and will be out in bottles in early April


Snetterton Scary Tree: 4.6% ABV Available in bottles & on draught. Seasonal beer: March to October.

Complex bitterness combined with generous Cascade hop aromas, a quality tan hued beer.


Scary Tree

Rare Gold is only available in draught from late May

Rare Gold 4% ABV draught only. Available from May to September

A lovely dry hopped beer, Rare Gold is pale and crisp with a satisfying quantity of malt and hops that deliver a sweet tropical aroma.

Regular Beers

Burston's Cuckoo 3.8% ABV Available in bottles and on draught.

A glorious nasal feast of floral hops with a tantalising hint of citrus, rounding off into a refreshingly long dry finish. Wonderful with spicy food.


Bitter: 4.2% ABV Available in bottles and on draught.

A well balanced copper coloured crisp beer, the early malt notes give way to a distinctively complex Goldings hop finish.


Dark Horse Stout: 5.0% ABV Available in bottles & on draught.

Rich coffee and classic hops dominate the nose. Dark ripe fruit in the mouth and a velvet smoothness compliment the strength in the body.


Dark Horse

Nightlight Mild : 5.7% ABVAvailable in bottles & on draught.

An old style mild, strong but carefully hopped to allow the malts to flourish. Liquorice hints balance the lasting nutty finish.



Golden Pale Ale: 5.0% ABV Available in bottles and on draught.

A pale ale in the traditional style that is initially malty and delicately bittered. The long dry biscuit finish is enhanced by the subtle citrus aromas.


Golden Pale Ale

Other Beers

Our bottle conditioned beers contain no animal products and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
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